Our products

Our products are the fruit of our love for our land and the expert care we give them. We are a family-run company with over 100 years of experience doing what we do. Many of our products proudly bear a label certifying their Designation of Origin. They are all the result of our care and expertise.

The Designation of Origin labels found on our products guarantee not only quality, but also unique raw materials and our own method of production, transformation, preparation and/or packaging. On this topic, I simply must mention the technique used for packaging Calanda peaches: used in Lower Aragon for 60 years, it was pioneered in the summer of 1953 by Juan and Francisco Celma, the fathers of the company we have today.

At Marchenica, the quality of our food is very important to us because we are completely committed to our customers’ satisfaction and loyalty.

I would like to invite you to take a look at our catalogue and give the gift of joy to all of your senses.