Green Olive Pâté 120g.

Paté-de-Aceituna-Verde-120 grs.-MARCHENICA-W2021

Marchenica green olive pâté can only be made with the best extra virgin olive oil and top-quality green olives.

Our green olive pâté contains only oil and olives. It is completely natural, made in an artisanal way and with no added preservatives or food colours.

Its texture and delicious flavour pair perfectly with pasta dishes, fresh salads, hot and cold canapés…it is always a great way to add an original touch to your recipes.

If you think that 120 g won’t be enough, a 220 g jar of our green olive pâté is also available.

Si crees que con 120 grs. no tendrás suficiente, también tenemos disponible nuestro paté de aceituna verde en tarro de 220 grs.

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Article:Paté de Aceituna Verde 120 grs.
Net weight: 120 grs.
Drained weight:110 grs.
Best-before date:3 años
Ingredients:Aceituna verde y aceite de oliva virgen extra.