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District of Lower Aragon

Lower Aragon

Lower Aragon has a unique flavour. The heady, authentic aroma of the produce from this land is markedly different from similar products from other regions. Calanda peaches are incomparably sweet and delicious; ham from Teruel has an unmistakable flavour; the extra virgin olive oil is pure liquid gold for your table; the preserves, olives, wines and liqueurs…an endless list of top-quality products guaranteed by their Designation of Origin.

This certification guarantees consumers that they are purchasing products of a consistent quality with specific and unique characteristics shared by no other similar product produced in another region or with different raw materials.

Where is the region of Lower Aragon?

The Region of Lower Aragon is located south-east of the Ebro River valley, between the provinces of Teruel and Zaragoza. It is made up of 23 municipalities.

Our company is located in Calanda, a town of some 4,000 inhabitants in the province of Teruel. The Guadalope and Guadalopillo rivers run past the town, which is one of the nine towns found along the La Ruta del Tambor y el Bombo (The Drum and Bass Drum Route). It has a beautiful reservoir, and the Desierto de Calanda pine forest is stunning.

In addition to being a land notable for its gastronomy, Lower Aragon is also an area with a wide range of landscapes with a very rich historical and architectural heritage.

History, culture and gastronomy: an extraordinary cocktail that makes the region of Lower Aragon a delight for all five senses.

The region is made up of 20 municipalities: