Products from Teruel

Over 100 years of experience and dedication to the land of Lower Aragon are simply the fruit of the love we have for our land our profession.

At Marchenica, we have grown and transformed, but we have always been loyal to our roots, and we give our all to ensure the quality of our products.

Products from Teruel are a delight to the senses. We treat our products with extraordinary care from farm to table is because we are committed to our customers’ satisfaction and loyalty.

At Marchenica, we want the best products from Teruel to bring a burst of flavour, aromas, colours and happiness to every table beyond the region of Lower Aragon.

Our products

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
P.D.O. ‘Aceite del Bajo Aragón’
Calanda Peaches in Syrup
P.D.O `Melocotón de Calanda´
Aceituna-Negra-Ecológica-Aragón-200 grs.-MARCHENICA-W2021
Black Olives

Tradition and quality

Over 100 years

At Marchenica, we have devoted ourselves to our land with love for over 100 years, and it is our firm intention to continue doing so for at least another 100 years.

Designation of Origin

‘Lower Aragon’ Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Calanda Peaches have a Designation of Origin label, making our products something unique and incomparable whose quality is guaranteed.

Top quality

All of our products are the result of great care and meticulous attention across all the production, transformation, preparation and packaging processes. Top quality guaranteed.

Other products

Black Olive Pâté
Paté-de-Aceituna-Verde-120 grs.-MARCHENICA-W2021
Green Olive Pâté
Spicy Olive Pâté